Redfield Fire Dept


Redfield Fire Station Build 2003



Current Apparatus

 2461 1997 chevy suburban 2500 primary rescue unit has 4x4 ability for off road and winter use goes to all fires and rescues in district


Snowmobile Rescue Polaris goes to all snowmobile accidents


2451 goes to all fires first tanker out. 2009 f750 tanker with a 500 gpm pump and 2000 gals tank, has 2100 gals portable pond




2452 1985 ford goes to all fires second tanker out. 2000 gals of water onboard, 3000 gals portable pond



2471 goes to all fires, secondary rescue and has 4x4 for off road and winter use. 2000 f550 with a 500 gpm Pump and a 300 gals tank also has light tower for night calls. Carries 4 people (3 with airpacks)



2411 goes to all motor vehicle accidents, and all fires. 1991 Eone hush pumper with 1250gpm pump and 750 gals tank. Holds 7 people (5 with msa airpacks), Has Hurst tool, and onboard generator


2441 goes for our mutaul aid and landing zones and second out for fires. Pumper/tanker with a 1250 gpm pump and 1000 gals tank. Has room for 6 people (5 with msa airpacks)


Old Apparatus

 2411 sold to a neighboring department with the purchase of current 2411



 2442 sold to a neighboring department with the purchase of 2441



2451 retired in 2009 with the purchase of the new 2451